short sales


what to do when your home is underwater.

Step 1. Don't Panic!

Step 2. Read on.

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difficult times require experienced help.

The truth is...short sales benefit both the borrower AND the lender.  

     Whether it was a housing market adjustment, loss of income, or worse, most likely when you signed the dotted line for your home, you were not anticipating this. 

     Now you're behind a couple payments, the phone is ringing nonstop, and although you'd like to avoid foreclosure, the bill collectors calling you aren't the most helpful.  That's where we come in.  

information is your ally...

                                          so are we!

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This is just about the worst time you can choose to be misinformed.  With that in mind, Nikki and I created this helpful little PDF called "What The Heck Is A Short Sale?!?"

Inside you'll find info about what it is, what it isn't, usual procedures and a letter of authorization, your first step.  

Get yours today!

We understand your situation, we are caring, knowledgable professionals who will handle your case with care and compassion.  Everything is discreet between you and us, guaranteed!