Shelly!  Our beloved #beachtruck

When we came up with the idea of "UpgradeYourShell", we knew we didn't want to blend in with postcards and fridge magnets, but how? 


After years of building hot rods and custom cars, we decided to put our advertising on 4 wheels!  


Shelly is a 1970 Chevy C10 powered by a streetable small block Chevy (World Sportsman heads, mild camshaft), backed by a built 700R4 transmission.  She has regular plates because she's Chris' only car (even though Nikki swears Shelly is hers)  She's gone through many phases and modifications, and we are never sure if she'll ever be "done".  Life is a journey, and owning Shelly is exactly that!

If you see us cruising in Shelly, beep and wave!  Or better yet, tag us on Instagram HERE