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Who Wants Some GOOD News?!?

If you're anything like me, you avoid social media scrolling because it's allllll bad news. So, let's talk about some GOOD news!


First, real estate related. The easiest way to track the health of the market is often through mortgage applications. CNBC reported that mortgage applications were up 4% last week and...ready for this...a whopping 21% over this time last year. Low inventory, low rates, high volume!

“The housing market continues to experience the release of unrealized pent-up demand from earlier this spring, as well as a gradual improvement in consumer confidence,” said MBA economist Joel Kan.

If you are thinking of selling, you might be wondering how this translates to sale prices. According to bidding wars have caused listings to move quickly, and sales prices are up 3.1% year over year. The percentage of newly listed homes to accept an offer within 14 days increased from 42% in May to 47% in June.

Are we seeing it? The picture above was taken at a home inspection in South Toms River yesterday morning...a home we have under contract for our client who lost 7 homes to above-asking offers. So, in a word, daily.


As for us? We just completed the rebuild and installation of Shelly's new engine and transmission, and it's awesome to have her back on the road. More than our rolling advertising, she's a member of the family.

Also, our other members of our family, our fostered wildlife critters, are doing amazingly! For anyone who didn't know, our family fosters orphaned and injured squirrels and raccoons through Garden State Wildlife Center (check us out HERE) Our mission is to rescue, rehab, release and repeat! At the moment our family has 11 squirrels, 2 raccoons and 5 bunnies in our care.

Remember, always look for the good news, and make it a great day! It's not always easy, but it's always worth it! See you next week!

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