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What GameStop Taught Us About Real Estate

Unless you've been living under a rock, you saw what happened this last week with the stock market and short selling. It's easy to just dismiss it as "crazy Wallstreet", but if we look at the root of it, it is a direct equivalent to real estate.

First, and obvious, it's an economic market, much like homeownership is. You can buy at the peak, the valley , or anywhere in between. Either way, you are hoping for a future return on your investment, if not, why buy instead of rent?

What happened with GameStop was predicated by analysts who predict market trends, much like with real estate. This could mean following interest rates and average "days on market" to predict obvious buyer market trends, or deeper and geographically, like predicting the next "hot" neighborhood, to perhaps buy rent and hold in.

Perhaps the most direct is in the timing. Timing nearly exclusively decides the winner and the loser. Right now, more than ever before, the real estate market is at it's peak. Your share, meaning your home, was never worth more than it is now. If you are looking to sell that share at a peak, now is your time.

There will be plenty of people who put their home up in the next coming months and even out the demand, but for now, the world is the seller's oyster. If you have considered selling, and if anything that's happened recently with the market has intrigued you, it may be the best time to put those pieces together. Let's talk.

Your friends,

-Chris & Nikki

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