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What EXACTLY Is A Walkthrough?

There are two certainties in real estate...paperwork and processes. One of those processes is, the walk through!

Some buyers often confuse this with the time where you first tour the home before you make your offer. are walking through the home, so you're not fundamentally wrong, but that is the showing.

If you're on the buying side, the walk through is something your agent sets up the morning of closing (often on your way to the closing) where you give the house a once over. Did you and the seller agree to repairs during the inspection contingency? Now is your last chance to find proof they actually fixed what they said they would. After you close, it's your home, broken washer and all.

In this quick video below

I wanted to break down the process of the walk through, and why it's so vital to your protection.

Note: You are going to be in sensory overload the morning of walk through. While in the comfort of a familiar habitat (current home, cafe, your office) make a checklist for the walk through. If not you will absolutely forget something, and the closing day is one day you don't want your stomach in knots.

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