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What Does A Home Inspection Actually...Inspect?

Caveat emptor; buyer beware. But in real estate, it's far from the truth. A home inspection is not just a novel idea, but in the state of NJ, it's written into the purchase contract giving you, the buyer, the right to inspect for a litany of things. Usual inspections include a home inspection, septic/well (if applicable) and WDI (wood destroying insects), and oil tank scan. Your results may vary, and sometimes you may need a structural engineer or a bulkhead inspector for a waterfront property. For today's exercise, as I sit here at a home inspection, is to talk about a regular run of the mill home inspection.

First the inspector looks at the envelope of the house, thats your roof, siding, windows, foundation, gutters, things like that. How old are they? Anything not operating as functioning?

Moving inside, the inspector will test electrical, and plumbing, as well as run all the major included appliances through their cycles. They will look under the sink for leaks, as well as look for any loose fixtures (toilet, vanity). The inspector will test all the outlets, including and most especially, the GFCI outlets, to make sure they function.

Next is the attic. This is to look at the condition of the attic itself, is it properly vented, but also to look for any moisture in the sheathing under the shingles as evidence of past leaks.

HVAC...this is a big one. These items can be costly if not operating properly. The inspector will try the AC and Heat, as well as the hot water, to make sure you will not be left short on move in.

If you haven't seen a home inspection in some time, take a look at US Inspect's sample report in the link here.

Until next week!

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