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We've Got Friends In Small Places!

Let's face it, anyone can do a lot with a lot. Money, time, or space, they are all equal currencies. But the spoils go to the person who can do a lot with a little, especially when that little is in real estate!

Last week I checked out a couple homes in Point Pleasant with one of our clients, and met the owner/builder of this great house on Dorset Dock Road. You can see the listing here.

Usually flips are sub par work. Lipstick on a pig. But this home wasn't just renovated, it was reimagined. I got to talking to the owner who grew up in the same town as Nikki (Audubon, NJ), small world! This house was really about space saving. Doing a lot with a little. Pocket doors, multipurpose table that stores its own chairs, cool stuff.

I mentioned how we are trying to do a 4 piece bathroom in our upstairs bathroom, and he tells me how he built a half bathroom in a 9 sq/ft space...a stackable laundry closet. No way.


We get to talking, and I check out the photos. It's legit. The trick was installing a toilet where the tank is inside the wall. Take a look at your own toilet and think about how much space it takes up.

Check out the photos below. If you want to give him a shout for a project, check out his instagram HERE.

Till next week,

Chris & Nikki

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