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The TRUE cost of DIY

Sometimes I can't take my own advice. Case in point; this weekend. Sunday we finally had a day off, and there was nothing more I was looking forward to than the Giants/Washington game. Recharging is a necessity when your life is go-go-go. Alas, life had other plans.

Saturday afternoon on my way home, my trusty '85 Chevy ran up to 230 degrees (that's not good), and Saturday night, our trusty Toyota Matrix started sputtering. Having the game on in the garage while I spend my recharge day working on our cars...that would have to do.

The whole time I'm DIYing my fleet of broken cars, I was wondering about the seemingly obvious connection between what I tell home sellers who "really want to get their home ready ASAP" but insist on doing it all themselves. They create an unrealistic timeline that then causes panic and stress, and they are not the best version of themselves because their life is now constant work.

As I turned wrenches listening to Bob Papa and Carl Banks call the rare victory with New York wearing their "road whites", I realized I AM that person. Thermostat and radiator replacement in the '85, and she ran nice and cool. Now it's 2 pm. Rear brakes and coil pack in the Toyota and it ran...not so great. It was time to farm it out.

Monday morning, Nikki and I bought a new car. I love not being in debt, but I have grown to love having down time and a routine more. Meet Nikki's new car...our VW Tiguan.

If I have ever given you advice about just farm it out to get your home ready to list, so you can get it sold and enjoy your life, I apologize. It took me standing out in the driveway imagining what Evan Engram's touchdown looked like on a big screen to finally, finally, get that lesson through my thick head.

Until next week,

Chris & Nikki

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