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The Hidden Costs of Renovation!

Benjamin Franklin once (almost) said "Watch the pennies and the dollars will take after themselves." Well, he didn't say that, but in the renovation world "God helps those that help themselves." Ok, Ok, Ben Franklin didn't say that either, although widely credited with both. But I digress.

Back on course, while out with a client a couple days ago who is looking to relocate to the shore from North Jersey ( who's NOT) we talked about projects, and how it's easy to look at the BIG items, but not see how the small fixes can blow your budget.

In this video, we look at crown molding. Now, not only is it a slippery little sucker to install (which is why I don't do mine), but it's costly per linear foot, and often you'll end up wanting to repaint the room it's being installed in after. See what happens here? "It's just trim" becomes a $2000 affair with your room torn apart.

Take it from us, we are going through it right now...if you have been following us on our Instagram, you have probably seen Nikki post stories about our untouched 1980's master bedroom on it's journey to BoHo paradise. We knew the floor would be a pretty penny, but some of the other expenses? Not so much. Not to mention the guy who spilled black paint on our nearly-new bed spread (who shall remain nameless for his own protection but may be typing this blog post).

Have you been a victim of unintended spending in a renovation? We will be talking about some of our first hand experience this Friday on Instagram Live. Give us a follow here and check it out!

Until next week!

-Chris & Nikki

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