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Pedal and Push Down Main Street!

This past week we decided to really upgrade our beloved truck's brake system (if you don't know about Shelly, our 1970 Chevy C10, check her out here. During this week while her parts arrive, I decided to take my bike to the office. Good exercise, fresh air, what could be better? So, this week you get to come along to some of my favorite sights (and tastes) of our favorite little slice of the shore...Belmar to Asbury Park! (Psst...Links in each caption)

Alternative Plate in Lake Como. Have you been here? If not, go. Go now. Pete's food is not merely sustenance, it borders a religious experience. All of his ingredients are plant based (we are a vegan family), but don't let that hold you back. Vegan food isn't what it was 20 years ago, and all of our friends, no matter what their diet includes, RAVE about Pete's creation. When you go, say Nikki and Chris say hi!

Belmar Bike Shop. When I decided to huff it on the bike this week, I realized my Giant needed some love. So, I went over and the owner Kyle was SUPER helpful. I told him, hey I really don't know much about bikes but I know I want smoother tires, all black. I got some super slick tires, tubes, and locks to make my commute a reality, in and out. Do you like supporting local? Then check Kyle and his crew out for your next bike purchase, repair, or upgrade! Also, be sure to check out his rad van parked on the side. When Shelly is back on the road, I'm definitely taking her over for a photo op!

Traveling through to Avon, a little bit of commuter jam up is typical. Seriously though, I feel so grateful to live, and work, where people vacation!

Luna Verde in Bradley Beach. Much like Alternative Plate, it doesn't matter what you eat on a daily basis, this place is gold. This restaurant offers completely plant based fare, and is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Right on Main Street in Bradley, there is always a crowd. When you taste it, you'll know why!

Beach Plum Ice Cream Parlor. If you know Bradley, you know this place. The purple building is a staple of this beach town. True facts: they offer some incredible, dairy free stuff! I had a milkshake once, another time I had a float, and the kids had sundaes. Amazing experience, in an amazing location! Check them out on Instagram Here

That's all for now. Looking at my favorite places on my ride in to work...I think biking for a few days was a good idea. 😂

See ya guys next week!

Chris & Nikki

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