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Let's Get Virtual!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Life was pretty good in the 80's, and if we are being honest here...chances are you sang that blog title to some good old Olivia Newton John. Alas, as good as the good old days were, they sure lacked in the technology to market your home.

Today with the spring market picking up early, I wanted to highlight one of the ways we get maximum exposure but minimal risk to listing, and selling, your home! One of our virtual reality tours!

Much like Google street view, home shoppers can walk in your home, look up and down, and all around in a panoramic 360* view to really understand your home's layout, before ever setting foot in your home! While trying it out, click the bottom left to check out the "measurement" mode. This is so beyond useful as it allows prospective buyers to see if their furniture fits in your space, before they've even been in your space!

Click the picture below to take a whirl! Ready to put your home into the 21st century and put it on the market with virtual reality technology? Give us a shout! **Note, this feature works with most browsers on laptops, and most on mobile. (iphone has best results with Chrome over Safari).

Until next time,

Chris & Nikki

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