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How To Speak Zillow (Part 1)

Zillow has started it's own subculture, there is no doubt about that. Way back when, if you wanted to know what someone paid for their house in your neighbor, you would have to go to the county clerk's office and look it up, or ask them directly. Neither which seem really appealing.

But with Zillow, and other tech companies like it, they've taken the awkward or laborious work out of it. Now, just hop online, look anywhere, and it's a voyeuristic's dream come true!

It's also turned a lot of us would not be house shoppers into right now house shoppers, just because in passing, we saw something that we just have to have! Quarantine, and more alone time with your device, has increased that tenfold. So much so that Saturday Night Live just did a skit about it this past weekend, and you can see it below.

So, in the next upcoming months, we are going to run a handful of segments about "How To Speak Zillow", to help you understand what it actually means in real estate terms. What is contingent? What actually goes into a Zestimate? Can I buy a pre-foreclosure?

We will answer that and more, starting next week. For now, enjoy a good laugh, because if you are anything like us, you can relate.

Chris & Nikki

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