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Chris & Nikki Get Married!

The weather was perfect; the sky was blue and the ocean provided the soundtrack. I was nervous. This was the day we waited for, which came together in the least expected way possible.

Nikki and I had been engaged since March of 2018, and it seemed every time we wanted to tie the knot, something came up (renovating our old home to sell buy our new home....which is a renovation project....which we put on hold to start our own brokerage) You get the idea.

Then, when we finally had it figured out (we thought), COVID hit and put the whole world on pause.

Finally, we decided, we are doing this for us anyway, so let's (us), just go and do it! Nikki did all the planning, and put together a perfect wedding...built for (and attended by)...two. :)

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, and I definitely could not have asked for a more perfect partner to share this business, this family, and this life with. For what luck I lack with the seemingly problematic engine in our 1970 C10, I make up for, in spades, with finding her. 5 days down, eternity to go.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys some wedding photos, be sure to follow us on Instagram HERE. She'll be posting a photo a day, all week, from the wedding. Then it's back to selling beach houses!

See you next week, Chris.

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