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5 Ways To Market Your Home On Social Media

Step 1. Update Your Status!

Make a status announcing your home for sale. Include your home address (make sure you can trust everyone on your Facebook page) and ask your friends to “share” your post on their walls and to tag or link friends that might be on the lookout to buy a new home.

Your status could also include (assuming you’ll be selling your home on your own) a link to your listing or to your home’s Trulia, Zillow, and/or HAR pages. Don’t forget to include #hashtags on any status or comment you post related to your home for sale. Popular hashtags a potential home buyer could be searching for are ones such as #sellmyhome #buymyhouse #homeforsale #sellmyhousefast etc.


Step 2. Create a Photo Album 

Take pictures of your home and make sure they are good ones! Make sure they highlight the house’s best features. Take as many photos as you want and write a detailed caption for each one. Also use the album description to post a link to your listing. A way you can reach a wider audience past your friends, is by setting the album privacy settings to “public.” Again, ask your friends to share the album and with friends/neighbors who may be looking for a new home.


Step 3. Upload a Video 

You don’t need a professional camera to do this. Use your smartphone or iPad and record a video tour of your home. You could add a video commentary of every room you record in which you vocally highlight the best features of every room. If you are computer savvy enough or have a young family member that can do this for you, use a video editing program such as iMovie to add an introduction or captions or an exit slide with your address and a link to your listing. Besides just uploading this video to Facebook and sharing it, you can also upload your video to YouTube and post that URL on your Facebook status. Again, if you’re comfortable, you can set the privacy settings to “public,” so it will be visible to anyone who might be interested.


Step 4. Spend Money on a Facebook Ad

Spend a little extra cash on a Facebook ad for your home. Just because you’re friends with someone on Facebook, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will see every single status you make. If you are able to spend a bit more money in advertising, Facebook ads help you have more exposure. Placing an ad for your listing can take users directly to it. You can spend as much or as little as you want. Facebook lets you to choose if you’d like to be billed each time your listing ad shows or each time someone clicks through to your listing.


Step 5. Create An Event

If you are having an open house make a Facebook event for it! Make sure to invite mostly everyone on your friends list and ask them to invite everyone they know. Make your event public so that other potential homebuyers that you may not know can look at it. Include directions to your home, attach perhaps a property flyer and make sure to keep up with your event and see who’s RSVP’d so you can contact them and set reminders.

If you are looking to sell your home, social media is a great outlet to use. Everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Marketing your home on a social media outlet such as Facebook, allows you to reach many people that perhaps you wouldn’t usually contact in regards to selling your home. Good luck if you are on your way to selling your home and hopefully the steps we have provided help! Again, don’t forget to #hashtag!

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