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5 Things We Look For In Unfinished Basements

Information doesn't always change, but the ways in which we relay and receive it, do. This week we released a reel on Instagram talking about the 5 things we look for in an unfinished basement, all in under 60 seconeds. Sure, everyone wants the appeal of a freshly finished basement, but an unfinished space tells the story of the houses bones, clearly! Check out our 60 second reel on Insta here!

Want a list? Sure thing!

  1. Cracks In The Foundation. Now is a GREAT time to take a look at those foundation walls. Foundation walls are not usually compromised, but with full access to them, you be the judge! Horizontal cracks I would be much more worried about than vertical cracks, which often indicate settling. It happens.

  2. Got a Sump Pump? Now is a good time to find it, and while doing so investigate if you have a pit, or a French Drain system (which is much more desirable)

  3. Copper Tube Hunting. The worst thing that can happen post ownership, we have talked about this before, is finding an underground oil tank. Take a few minutes to look around where the furnace is, as well as the concrete floor around it, looking for evidence of a set of old copper lines. Sometimes this can be a concrete patch, or as you see in the video, you find the lines yourself.

  4. Plumbing and Electric. With a finished basement, you can not get visual access to the houses plumbing or electrical, and mostly go along with what the inspection report says. Here we were able to check this palace out and found it was recently repiped via PEX and PVC, good for years to come. Also, take a look for knob and tube wiring, if its a house predating the Korean War Era.

  5. Beams and Joists. If you felt some deflection above (sag), now is the time to investigate. Aside from looking for termite damage, its a good idea to see how they are all fastened together, and how the girders are supported (usually via support columns)

Short and sweet this week, type at ya soon! Chris

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