List your way! 


you bring the know-how

we give you the edge

what makes this different?

Simple.  Pay for what you need, and not for what you don't.

      We all come from different backgrounds, and we all have different skills.  You wouldn't have your house up For Sale By Owner if you didn't think you could do it, right?  But somewhere along the way, you may feel like this.


That's where WE come in.  We market the home, get it on the MLS and all the other worldwide home sites, and generate the MOST traffic handle the rest.  Think of it like "For Sale By Owner", on steriods.

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Sound Easy? 

That's because It is.

Over 90% of home shoppers find their home online, is your marketing top notch?  If not, you are only helping sell your neighbors home.  With our program, you get all of this:

•1 Hour Pre List Consultation

•Professional still photography. 

•Professionally written ad copy. 

•Your home listed in the MLS.

•Syndication to all major websites (Zillow, Realtor, Trulia) 

•Attractive & Professional lawn sign. 

•Showings synced to your smart phone via ShowingTime

•MLS Supra Bluetooth Lockbox. 

All for $1200! 

check out these photos, and guess whigh marketing sold this sea girt home?





what will you save?


Want to know more?

Is your toilet seat up?  We got you covered.

Did you just spend 2 hours showing your home to someone who doesn't have any money to actually buy your home?  We got you covered there, too. 

Download this free PDF and give it a read, our years of experience will save you months of grief.

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